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Martin R. Benante (2)
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Curtiss-Wright Corporation
Supplier of products and services to commercial,
industrial, defense, and energy markets
E. Thayer Bigelow (1, 2)
Managing Director
Bigelow Media
Advisor to media and entertainment companies
Donald G. Cook (3, 4)
General (Retired)
United States Air Force
Robert S. Evans (1)
Chairman of the Board of Crane Co.
Ronald C. Lindsay (3)
Retired Chief Operating Officer
Eastman Chemical Co.
Manufacturer of specialty chemicals, plastic compounds & acetate fibers
Philip R. Lochner, Jr. (2, 4)
Director of public companies and a former SEC Commissioner
Ellen McClain (2, 4)
Chief Financial Officer
Year Up
Not for profit provider of job training services
Charles G. McClure, Jr.
Managing Partner
Michigan Capital Advisors
Max H. Mitchell (1)
President and Chief Executive Officer of Crane Co.
Jennifer M. Pollino (2, 3)
Executive Coach and Consultant
JMPollino LLC
Peter O. Scannell (4)
Chief Executive Officer
Rockwood Service Corporation
Testing and testing technology services for industrial applications
James L. L. Tullis (3)
Chief Executive Officer
Tullis Health Investors
Venture capital investor in the health care industry
Executive Officers
Max H. Mitchell
President and Chief Executive Officer
Curtis A. Baron Jr.
Vice President,
Brendan J. Curran
Group President, Aerospace & Electronics
Augustus I. duPont
Vice President, General Counsel
and Secretary
Bradley L. Ellis
Senior Vice President
James A. Lavish
Vice President, CBS, People & Performance
Richard A. Maue
Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Anthony D. Pantaleoni
Vice President,
Environment, Health and Safety
Louis V. Pinkham
Senior Vice President
Kristian R. Salovaara
Vice President,
Business Development and Strategy
Edward S. Switter
Vice President,
Treasurer and Tax

1) Member of the Executive Committee
2) Member of the Audit Committee
3) Member of the Management Organization and Compensation Committee
4) Member of the Nominating and Governance Committee